About Lo Roller

Lo Roller is the creation of one of Australia’s pre-eminent hair and makeup artists’, Jasmin Lo. 

Frustrated with the bulky, plastic and hard-to-clean options available on the market at the beginning of her career 15 years ago, she worked with her mother - a talented seamstress - to stitch up the first Lo Roller Brushroll prototype. The indigo denim not only allowed her kit to be regularly cleaned and the integrity of the brushes maintained, but the fabric only got softer and looked better over time, like your favourite pair of Levis. “Mine is now worn in the best possible way - it has so many stories in it. It has been with me around the world, with every face i’ve done, every model, every celebrity, every bride,” she says. 

Since then, Lo has been inundated by fellow professionals as well as clients to retail a version of her design. She launched Lo Roller in 2017 with the expert-grade Lo Roller Professional as well as the Compact. “I heard from a lot of women that they didn’t know how to look after their makeup brushes. So many were shoving them into a makeup pouch where the bristles were getting destroyed. Brushes are an investment, so it pays to look after them,” she explains. 

As a big believer in sustainable design, Lo has crafted a product designed to last as long as you do. 


About Jasmin Lo

Jasmin Lo is an Australian hair and makeup artist, currently based in Sydney. Her career has spanned 15 years (and counting), creating fashion images for the likes of ELLE, Marie Claire, Grazia and Womens Health - and campaigns for brands like Cotton On, David Jones and Marc Jacobs Beauty.

The signature look for which she is famous amongst clients is natural, glowing beauty, which highlights the very best of each and every woman. She is a champion of diversity in beauty and is excited to learn about the different ways in which it is perceived around the world.